Wednesday, 17 July 2013

About my mission

Dear readers

Welcome to my blog. This will be my way of communicating with you. Now what is this all about?

Let me explain it to you:

In August 2013 I am starting my Permaculture Designer Education. This will take 2 years and accreditation requires the successful design of 10 different projects. Permawhat???

Hm.. how could I possibly design 10 projects? And how? Places to design projects on are permaculture farms and communities. These are often far in the country site and not in cities where I lived at the moment. Immersing myself into projects fully would require much time and effort, too.. And I felt not too interested in urban permaculture.

So, the solution?

After a long long time of pondering, I decided to do the entire education in nomadic style. Eh... what??
I would travel  from permaculture farm to another, work there to get more experience, asking to design my projects for the academy. That means 2 years of nomadic lifestyle again plus this time.. the fact is that I have no money at all.

My goal is to learn more about permaculture, and to do it in a way nobody else does. I hope to entertain you during my adventurous time and to give back something to the world with this experience.

Interested in the topic? Read this!

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